Top Cable TV Exec Goes Undercover to Tackle Customer Complaints

Guy Laurence, CEO of Canada's Rogers Communications, dressed up as a field technician to meet grumpy subscribers firsthand.

TORONTO – Canada's top media boss shed his suit and climbed down into the trenches with his workers, but not to shoot an episode of Undercover Boss.

Guy Laurence, who became CEO of Rogers Communications in December 2013, told investors on Thursday he went incognito to investigate persistent claims of poor customer service from the cable and wireless phone giant.

"I also went out dressed as a field technician and actually spent time with customers, seeing their needs for myself as well," he told his first Rogers shareholders meeting when answering a question from a investor.

"I've got a good picture of where we stand, versus what customer expectations are," he added.

Toronto-based Rogers, like other Canadian cable and satellite TV giants, is targeting customer service, not the least of which is reducing the cost of dealing with complaints by offering pricey incentives.

Laurence said Rogers needed to "catch up" with customer expectations.

"It will take some time to get to where we provide an experience that matches your requirements. I do believe we can get there -- it's something I did in my previous job, so it's something that's not alien to me. It's something very much at the core of what I believe in doing and have experience in delivering," the former Vodafone U.K. CEO said.