Miguel Herrera and 'Frozen' Top Google's Trending GIFs of 2014

Elsa Frozen - H 2014
Courtesy of The Walt Disney Company

Elsa Frozen - H 2014

Here's a list of all of the GIFs people most wanted to see this year

The year is coming to a close and there's no better time to look back at the GIFs that kept everyone entertained throughout 2014.

Google compiled a list of the top trending GIFs from 2014, and it looks like sports and movies are at the top of people's minds. Mexican national soccer team manger Miguel Herrera expressing his emotion, a certain Uruguayan footballer's bite and, of course, the movie that spawned "Let It Go" were the most popular. Here's a look at the top five winners with GIFs to celebrate.

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1. Miguel Herrera GIF

2. Frozen GIF

3. Luis Suarez GIF

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4. Madden GIF

5. Godzilla GIF

Here's a look at the top 10 trending GIFs from the past year: