Emmys: Watch the 3 Funniest Moments From the Show

Matt Damon Jimmy Kimmel - Emmys - Stage - H - 2016
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Matt Damon's surprise appearance on the Emmys stage had everyone in the audience laughing.

Award shows are always better with a good dose of humor injected into them. On Sunday, comedic bits were weaved into the show, with host Jimmy Kimmel making himself the butt of the most hilarious joke of the evening. 

Here's a list of the best moments that kept the crowd laughing.

1. Amy Schumer's Wrong Note

Kimmel's mother sent peanut butter and jelly sandwiches complete with handwritten notes for the audience. Schumer began jokingly eating her note before Kimmel asked her to read it out loud. The note called the comedian the "funniest woman on television" and said Kimmel's mother wished she were hosting the Emmys this year.

At the end came the kicker: "Bring back Parks and Rec." Schumer's face dropped and Kimmel took the note away from her and brought it to Amy Poehler.

2. Julia Louis-Dreyfus Mocks Donald Trump

Just after it was announced that Last Week Tonight won an Emmy, beating Jimmy Kimmel Live, Matt Damon came out onstage to tease his rival.

Damon said it "makes a lot of sense" that Kimmel lost but that it still must be a bummer for the late-night host. He jokingly rubbed it in as mercilessly as possible, making Kimmel tell him who won and pointing out that Kimmel doesn't get to take home a trophy.

"This is so humiliating," said Damon, ignoring Kimmel's request to leave the stage. "You lost and now you gotta stand out here for the rest of the night when you probably want to just go home, curl up and cry."