Former 'Top Gear' Hosts Hint at U.S. Car Show

AP Images
Jeremy Clarkson

“Who knows, very soon once more you will be seeing us on a television or an internet near where you live," ousted BBC presenter Jeremy Clarkson said.

Since Jeremy Clarkson was ousted as host of the BBC's hit motoring show Top Gear earlier in the year, much debate in the U.K. has focused on what he and his two co-presenters, Richard Hammond and James May, might do next.

Never one to shy away from attracting publicity, the outspoken figure — who was sacked after punching a producer — dropped a major clue over the weekend that his next gig could see him crossing the Atlantic.

Speaking at a Top Gear Live event in Australia, Clarkson joked with the 14,000-strong audience about the trio's future.

“Amazingly, there had been a lot of interest in us doing a car show for television,” he said. “Who knows, very soon once more you will be seeing us on a television or an Internet near where you live.”

Clarkson then mocked Hammond for saying the letter "z" using an American accent.

"You're not in America," he said, with Hammond replying: "Not yet."

Whether there's anything at all to be taken from the comments remains to be seen, but they tie in with a report that emerged earlier in the month claiming that the three hosts were unable to make another motoring show in the U.K. for two years per a clause in their BBC contracts. Netflix and Amazon had been seen as the favorites to pick them up.

In his column for the Sunday Times newspaper, Clarkson also revealed that when he returned to the Top Gear set to drive his last lap of the circuit, he was prevented from taking home a memento.

I was feeling a bit choked as I went through the gates for the very last time,” he wrote. “The Top Gear portable office was locked to stop me taking even a small souvenir. The hangar was empty.”