Anthony Edwards Jokingly Pitches Ghost Goose for 'Top Gun' Sequel

Paramount Pictures/Photofest
Anthony Edwards and Tom Cruise in 'Top Gun.'

"Tell America you feel the need, the need for ghost Goose."

Top Gun is finally getting a sequel, and one of the stars from the 1986 original wants to get a piece of it — even if his character died in the first one. 

In a pretaped piece that aired on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Wednesday, Anthony Edwards made a joke pitch for how his character, Nick "Goose" Bradshaw, could once again be the sidekick to Tom Cruise's Maverick in the recently announced Top Gun: Maverick.

Edwards' suggestion: ghost Goose. 

Along with his pitch were scenes from the original in which Edwards was superimposed, usually making a wisecrack, or, during the romantic scenes, an inappropriate comment.

"Get on social media, and start lobbying for ghost Goose using this hashtag: #ghostgoose," Edwards said. "And tell America you feel the need, the need for ghost Goose." 

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