Topher and Ashley Grace Tapped for Spirit of Elysium Award (Exclusive)

Topher and Ashley Grace

The couple met at the nonprofit's 2013 benefit and will be honored together in January 2020.

Actor Topher Grace and his wife, actress Ashley Grace (formerly Hinshaw), were announced as the next Spirit of Elysium award recipients by L.A.-based charity The Art of Elysium.

The couple will be recognized for their continued work with the organization, which pairs volunteers from the arts with groups who can benefit, such as incarcerated adults and children with chronic illnesses.

Incidentally, the couple met each other at the organization’s 2013 Heaven benefit, held annually on the night before the Golden Globes. “We’ve been lucky enough to be involved since the early days of the charity, thanks to our great friendship with its founder Jennifer Howell,” they told The Hollywood Reporter via email. “Quite simply, it brings joy to those who need it the most.”

“This year is so special to me because Ashley and Topher are two of my best friends. They have shown up to volunteer, helped with fundraisers and do any and everything the charity needs,” said Howell. “I have to say that their relationship started at Heaven and I proudly take a lot of credit for their happy marriage,” she added.

The pair will be officially honored at the 13th annual Heaven event in January 2020, which will be curated by designer Peter Dundas and will raise money for The Art of Elysium’s continued mission to bring art into marginalized communities.