Tori Amos: "I Had Lost the Muses — I Stopped Listening" | Songwriter Oscar Roundtable

"I started listening to the boys' club that was running the industry at the time," said Tori Amos of when her debut album, 'Little Earthquakes,' originally was rejected by her label.

"The responsibility was, how do you hold the energy of Audrie's light flickering out, extinguished too soon and, yet, acknowledge that Daisy, although the light was flickering, she was able to find it and has become a phoenix out of the ashes?" Audrie & Daisy songwriter Tori Amos told The Hollywood Reporter of her songwriting process for the film during the Songwriter Oscar Roundtable.

Amos went on to discuss a time when she was encouraged to be different than her true self, sharing what happened when Little Earthquakes originally was rejected by her label, saying, "I had lost my way." The record industry "was trying to look for something that had already happened. Tracy Chapman had already happened."

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