Toronto 2011: Akshay Kumar to Make More Canadian Movies

Christos Kalohoridis

The Bollywood star plans plans to dip more Indian story-lines in maple syrup after Breakaway, his Sikhs-on-skates ice hockey comedy, bows at the Toronto International Film Festival on Saturday night.

TORONTO -- Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has carried the 2010 Olympic Torch Relay in Canada.

He’s launching Breakaway, a Sikhs-on-skates ice hockey comedy by director Robert Leiberman and starring Russell Peters and Rob Lowe, at the Toronto International Film Festival on Saturday night.

And now Kumar wants to make more Indo-Canadian movies.

“That’s the whole idea. I want to make more and more films. I have really enjoyed making this film. It’s been so easy. Everything was available here. So I have this in my plan,” the Bollywood actor told a Breakaway press conference in Toronto on Saturday.

Breakaway features a young Sikh-Canadian man, played by Vinay Virmani, who also penned the movie’s script, dreaming of hockey stardom.

But first he has to assemble a team to beat the local bullies.

Kumar, who co-produced Breakway with Ajay Virmani, Frank Siracusa and Don Carmody (Chicago), is planning more Bollywood-style films made out of Canada for a global market.

“That’s the whole idea, to take Bollywood global more and more. This is just one step towards. I want to take it more and more further. I want to produce more and more films like that,” he said.

Viacom Paramount is to release Breakaway in India on 600 screens, with a $6 million P&A spend.