Toronto 2011: Mann Made To Take On 'Reich'

WWII action drama puts new spin on Nazi war crimes.

Scott Mann and James Edward Barker’s Mann Made Films have optioned the rights to produce Shaun Robert Smith’s directorial feature debut, The 4th Reich.

Mann and Barker told THR they are aiming to fast track the film into production with a brand new script early 2012.

The 4th Reich, penned by Smith, is billed as a dark and fictional twist on the horrific human experiments by the Nazis carried out at the end of WW2.What begins as an action drama slowly descends into a harrowing account of how a splinter group of U.K. and US soldiers become hunted by a rare strain of Nazi "experimentals".

Smith’s horror short, The Soldier, garnered praise amongst fan sites and festivals which the producers hope will create a platform for the feature-length spin off.

Smith, a self-confessed horror aficionado, has already catered for his core audience by securing supporting roles from horror legends Doug Bradley (Hellraiser) and Tom Savini (From Dusk  Till Dawn) and online sites such as Fangoria are atwitter with the prospect of Smith’s debut feature.

Mann and Barker will produce alongside producer Kevan Van Thompson (Corialanus, Babylon AD).