Toronto 2012: Canada's Alliance Films Launches Online Portal for Festival Launch Titles

Cannes Film Festival | Cannes, May 23-27

Kristen Stewart (in Balenciaga) at the premiere of Salles' "On the Road" on May 23.

Fans will be able to follow Kristen Stewart and Joseph Gordon-Levitt online and on smartphones as they party and premiere films in Toronto for the Canadian indie distributor.

TORONTO – Alliance Films is to have fans follow at their fingertips Kristen Stewart and Joseph Gordon-Levitt and other Hollywood stars as they strut the red carpet at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The Canadian indie distributor on Friday launched, a 24/7 portal for the 16 films, 20 events and 58 guests that Alliance is launching in Toronto.

The digital offering of posts, photos and video will capture film premieres and parties surrounding launch titles like Rian Johnson’s opening night film Looper, On The Road, Hyde Park on the Hudson and Anna Karenina.

The will also offer survival tips from fitness expert Chris Twerdun and dietician Nema McGlynn for fest-goers looking to survive and thrive until Toronto wraps on September 16.

The digital offering was produced In partnership with MSN.