Toronto 2012: Going Raunchy in 'Spring Breakers' Has Selena Gomez Stressed

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"It's hard for people to take me seriously that way, because of the brand that I've been given," the Disney star told a festival press conference Friday.

TORONTO -- Selena Gomez has a dilemma that's stressing her out.

The singer-actress stars in Harmony Korine's adventure comedy Spring Breakers, which is screening Friday at the Toronto International Film Festival, after bowing in Venice.

Gomez's problem is her young fan base is too young to see the spring-break-gone-wild film when it comes out on commercial release, in reference to its risqué content.

"What I do is for my fans and my shows and my clothing lines, everything is for them," Gomez told reporters at a TIFF press conference Friday.

"And when I took on this movie and all the rest of the films I was a part of this year, I knew they wouldn't be suitable for that generation. It was hard in that aspect," she revealed.

It's worse.

Her good girl persona that sprung from her Disney Channel days and being the girlfriend of pop star Justin Bieber makes it hard for filmgoers to see her as a bikini-clad reveler in Spring Breakers, or in any other racy film roles.

"It's hard for people to take me seriously that way, because of the brand that I've been given, which I¹m thankful for," Gomez said.

"But having people put you in this little box, it's hard to put all of that together and make it right and smooth," she said of balancing her clean TV and pop singer image with adult film roles.

"It's not me breaking out into anything, It's just about me being passionate about the acting I do," she added.

The Toronto International Film Festival continues through Sept. 16.