Toronto: 'All Cheerleaders Die' Filmmakers Insist Slasher Isn't 'Anti-Cheerleader'

All Cheerleaders Die TIFF Still - H 2013

All Cheerleaders Die TIFF Still - H 2013

Co-directors Chris Sivertson and Lucky McKee open up about striking out with the sporty crowd in high school.

At the pre-premiere party for Midnight Madness opener All Cheerleaders Die, held at Brassaii, the filmmakers shared tales of high school strikeouts.

“I had a crush on a couple of cheerleaders when I was a freshman and they were seniors,” says co-writer-director Chris Sivertson. “But I did not date cheerleaders.” Co-director Lucky McKee was right there with him: “I probably wanted to, but no.”

Producer Andrew van den Houten says he was more into “the weird artsy people” but admits: “I always looked at cheerleaders -- as well as football players -- with curiosity.”

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But, insists Sivertson, “It’s not an anti-cheerleader movie. We like cheerleaders, and we like how enthusiastic they are about things, because everyone is so concerned about being cool and reserved.”

Interesting then that everyone, including some of the filmmakers, kept flubbing the film’s title last night, calling it All Cheerleaders Must Die.