Toronto: Ashok Amritraj Misses Fest to Promote Autobiography

Ashok Amritraj P
Hyde Park Entertainment

The producer will miss the premiere of "Life of Crime" to tour India promoting his autobiography "Advantage Hollywood" with Jean-Claude Van Damme.

TIFF regular Ashok Amritraj won't be making the trek to Toronto this year, despite having the closing night film at the festival, Life of Crime.

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Though the Hyde Park chairman and CEO produced the Jennifer Aniston-starrer, he is heading to his native India this week to begin promoting his autobiography Advantage Hollywood at the CII Big Picture Summit in New Delhi (Amritraj's Double Impact star Jean-Claude Van Damme will be on hand to help with the book's global launch).

"It's kind of bittersweet that I will be missing Toronto," says Amritraj, whose book will chronicle his unusual rise from professional tennis player and Wimbleton semifinalist to Hollywood producer. "But I've got a life story to go out and tell." Life of Crime's closing night premiere will be bittersweet for the filmmakers as well. The film, based on the late Elmore Leonard's novel The Switch, bows on the heels of Leonard's death. The author passed away Aug. 20.