Toronto: 'The Big Chill' Cast Gathers for 30th Anniversary

Big Chill Glenn Close Jeff Goldblum - P 2013
Courtesy Everett Collection

Big Chill Glenn Close Jeff Goldblum - P 2013

Glenn Close tells THR about her excitement for the reunion, three decades after its Fest premiere: "It's like this time we're coming back and we're even more jaded by life."

Before The Big Chill celebrated the 30th anniversary of its premiere at the 1983 Toronto International Film Festival, Glenn Close told THR she was excited by the prospect of the screening and cast reunion given that it echoes the film’s plot: old friends coming together again. “But it’s like this time we’re coming back and we’re even more jaded by life,” joked the actress, who received a supporting actress Oscar nomination for her role as Sarah Cooper, a doctor who learns her old college friend has committed suicide.

STORY: Toronto Fest to Host 'The Big Chill' Screening, Cast and Crew Reunion

The Toronto fest had given Chill a major prerelease boost when the Lawrence Kasdan-directed film won its people’s choice award. Though it went on to be nominated for three Oscars including best picture (losing to Terms of Endearment), Toronto’s arguably was its most significant win.

While Close’s memory of attending the Chill premiere in the festival’s seventh year is hazy (“There was something about it being an up-and coming festival and a good idea to bring the film there”), she has a vivid recollection of “wearing the shittiest top I bought at a vintage clothing store to the premiere. I just saw a picture from that night and I kept thinking, ‘Why did I wear that?’ Maybe I should wear it again this year.”