Toronto Blue Jays TV Analyst Gregg Zaun Fired Over Inappropriate Behavior Claims

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Gregg Zaun

The American-Canadian sports broadcaster was let go after "multiple female employees" came forward with complaints.

Gregg Zaun, a former Major League Baseball player and a TV analyst with Canada's Sportsnet channel, was fired Thursday after multiple claims of ''inappropriate behavior" were made by female colleagues.

"This week, we received complaints from multiple female employees at Sportsnet regarding inappropriate behavior and comments by Gregg Zaun in the workplace," Rogers Media president Rick Brace said in a statement. "After investigating the matter, we decided to terminate his contract, effective immediately."

Zaun, 46, was born in Glendale, California, and played professional baseball for 16 seasons, five with the Toronto Blue Jays. He first joined the Sportsnet cable sports channel as an analyst in 2006, and was promoted to a full-time gig in 2011.

"This type of behavior completely contradicts our standards and our core values. We believe in a professional workplace where all employees feel comfortable and respected," added Brace. "We are grateful to our employees who spoke with us and we will take every measure to protect their privacy."

Sportsnet on its website said there were no allegations of physical or sexual assault against Zaun.