Toronto Buyers Hot for Lars von Trier's Porno 'Nymphomaniac'

Lars von Trier - photocall of 'Melancholia' - 2011
Valery Hache/AFP/Getty Images

The hardcore feature exploring female sexuality, expected to star Stellan Skarsgard, pre-sells to the U.K., Poland, Czech Republic and Benelux.

COLOGNE, Germany - International buyers are hot for Lars von Trier's porno project Nymphomaniac. Sales agent TrustNordisk closed several pre-sale deals for the still-in-development feature from the controversial Danish director at the Toronto Film Festival.

Artificial Eye in the U.K., Poland's Gutek Film, Aero Films in the Czech Republic and Wild Bunch in Benelux grabbed rights for the feature, along with Insomina for ex-Yugoslavian territories. Central Partnership picked up Russian rights to Nymphomaniac ahead of the Toronto fest. Nymphomaniac is still in pre-production.

Von Trier is expected to deliver a script by the end of the year and begin shooting next summer. Long-time  collaborator Stellan Skarsgard (Thor) has said von Trier has asked him to play the male lead. Von Trier is expected to deliver two cuts of the film, described as an "explicit exploration of female sexuality aged 0 to 50": one hardcore and a softer version for mainstream release.