Toronto: Crowd Control Crisis at the Ritz

33 TOWN RAMBLING Ritz-Carlton Toronto P
Chris Cypert/Courtesy of Ritz-Carlton Toronto

The hotel is having problems with unruly star-watchers.

The Ritz-Carlton Toronto is having some issues (and no, it’s not bedbugs).

The normally polite local fans are getting a little more brazen in their antics to catch a glimpse of celebrities staying at the Ritz during the film festival. The star-watchers usually stay behind a barricade in front of the hotel and simply observe or take pictures of actors coming in and out. But this year, they’re getting a little too close for comfort.

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Many are staking out talent from the lobby with the excuse that they’re waiting for someone. One afternoon, an embarrassed Ritz-Carlton employee rushed over to reprimand a man catcalling Newfoundland native (and wife of Kiss’ Gene Simmons) Shannon Tweed and her daughter Sophie as they walked through the lobby of the hotel. Tweed either didn’t notice the rude patron or chose not to acknowledge him, before the duo exited the venue to a slew of paparazzi and fans outside.