Toronto: Daniel Radcliffe Enjoys Skinny Dipping in 'The F Word'

'The F Word'

Director: Michael Dowse 
Stars: Daniel Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan, Adam Driver
The Buzz: The movie about a young man and woman trying to just be friends could pop with younger movie­goers if it isn't too talky, according to the advance word.

The "Harry Potter" star said taking a nude swim in Lake Ontario was his favorite part of shooting the Michael Dowse-directed film.

TORONTO -- Daniel Radcliffe, it turns out, likes skinny-dipping. At least when it is done tastefully and is part of the artistic journey he is asked to go on by a filmmaker.

In The F Word, the Michael Dowse directed Toronto-set romcom which unspooled here Saturday evening at the Ryerson theater, Radcliffe takes the plunge in Lake Ontario alongside Zoe Kazan.

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Radcliffe said that bit of the shoot was his favorite part.

Kazan said after initial misgivings, she too had been into it.

Radcliffe, who is busy in Toronto supporting Horns, The F Word and Kill Your Darlings as the fruit of his post-Potter labors grow, said he is growing more and more with each film he does post-Potter.

"I think I am relaxing more each time I do another film [after Potter]. And I hope it shows," Radcliffe grinned.

His on stage appearance after the screening of The F Word was greeted with hoots and hollers from the enthusiastic Canadian crowd. "You guys are really friendly and really polite. Everyone says it but it is true," Radcliffe said.

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He also noted that as far as the romcom genre was concerned, the scripts are generally better to women than men.

The screening was followed by a well-attended chichi aftershow shindig at Toronto gallery space Andrew Richard Designs.

Written for the screen by Elan Mastai from a play by T.J. Dawe and Michael Rinaldi, The F Word is being touted to buyers by E One and was a hot ticket screening with people queuing round the block to catch a glimpse of the stars arriving in cars.