Toronto According to ... Director Erik Skjoldbjærg

Erik Skjoldbjærg - Getty - H - 2016
Larry Busacca/Getty Images

The director of 'Pyromaniac' (in TIFF's Contemporary World Cinema Program) explains his love of the Canada-set film fest.

What’s your "only in Toronto" moment?

I was here with my first film, Insomnia (in 1997),and I remember our premiere was delayed for about an hour. But then that famous Canadian politeness came in. One of the people queuing up to see my movie bought me popcorn as some consolidation.

What was your TIFF high point?

At that Insomnia screening,I remember a young girl getting so excited she started jumping up and down, going crazy. For a brief moment, it made me feel like a rock star.

What can’t you live without at the festival?

I’m coming from Norway, so I’m going to be jet-lagged throughout the entire festival. I’ll be on a completely different clock. So I always bring an eye mask and plan things so that I can take a nap sometime during the day.

Most Canadian thing about Toronto?

There’s a connection between Canada and Norway — us northern people have a sort of connection. Maybe it’s our shy, reserved nature. Whenever I go to Toronto, I find it’s easy to adapt. It’s probably the festival that I’ve been to most with my movies, and it makes me feel at home.