Toronto According to Distributor Nick Savva

Giant Pictures Founder Nick Savva — Publicity — H 2019
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The founder of Giant Pictures gives his take on the fest.

What’s the one item you always take with you to Toronto?

Hiking boots, I put in a lot of miles every year at TIFF.

What’s your favorite Toronto memory?

The atmosphere at any Midnight Madness screening.

What’s your worst Toronto "nightmare" story?

Trying to bid on any film at 3 a.m. after said Midnight Madness screening.

Advice for a Toronto first-timer? 

Pack light, avoid Pearson and fly to Toronto City Airport — you can practically walk to the festival from the airport.

The one place you have to go while you're in Toronto is ... 

Terroni on Queen Street. Their pizzas are magnifico!

Your favorite thing about Toronto?

Compared with a lot of the other top festivals, everything is easier at TIFF. It’s easier to get around, easier to get into screenings and easier to get a drink. And the Torontonians are so nice!

In Toronto you should never...

Linger in the Hyatt Regency lobby. Or anywhere on King Street for that matter.

How about "your most Canadian moment"?

Negotiating a deal at a Blue Jays game.

Best bar or restaurant for film-related business meetings? 

The restaurant at Le Germain on Mercer. It’s right around the corner from the Lightbox and everyone passes through there. If your meeting stands you up, you can be sure to find another one on the fly.

A version of this story first appeared in The Hollywood Reporter's Sept. 8 daily issue at the Toronto International Film Festival.