Toronto: Download THR's Day 2 'Daily'

Ralph Fiennes
Ralph Fiennes
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Weekend Packed With Buzzed-About Films

Tom Hardy's Locke, Daniel Radcliffe's Horns and Jason Bateman's Bad Words are among the films leaving buyers with busy screening schedules.

PHOTOS: Toronto 2013: The Films

Q&A: Ralph Fiennes

The celebrated actor discusses stepping behind the camera for the second time, making peace with the past and why he decided to play Charles Dickens.

Eli Roth Reveals How the Fest's Midnight Madness 'Changed My Life'

The horror auteur recounts how a last-minute 2002 screening of Cabin Fever, previously seen only by him, launched his career: "By the time the credits rolled … a sea of distributors swarmed me shouting offers."

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