Toronto: Download THR's Day 2 'Daily'

In day 2 of THR's Toronto festival daily, Abel Ferrara lashes out at IFC, Chris Rock calls fame the 'new cocaine' and festgoers lament a lack of awards-season buzz going into the weekend

Director Abel Ferrara Attacks IFC "Punks" Who "Don't Give a Shit About Movies"

The controversial director says his distributor is demanding a recut of racy Welcome to New York. Read the story here.

Chris Rock on Directing Top Five, Why Kris Jenner Is a Visionary and How "Fame Is the New Cocaine"

The comic also declares Kanye West the best celebrity in the world right now. Read the story here.

Opening Weekend Is Missing That Awards Season Sizzle

Only one film with awards-season cachet will bow before Monday. Read the story here.

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