Toronto 2012: Drafthouse Films Moving Into Canada With Films We Like Distribution Partnership


The first film in the distribution deal is gonzo blood diamond expose "The Ambassador."

Drafthouse Films is expanding into Canada.

The boutique distribution arm of the Alamo Drafthosue has signed a partnership with Canadian indie/documentary distribution outfit Films We Like to bring the Drafthouse sensibility to the Great White North.

The Drafthouse taste for the unique and the provocative has informed a brand that includes the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas, genre film festival Fantastic Fest, pop culture website Badass Digest and collectible art store Mondo, best known for its unique posters.

The first film in the deal is The Ambassador, described as an "expose of blood diamond smuggling in the Central African Republic." The pact calls for a theatrical, home video and multiplatform release.

The surreal Quentin Dupieux comedy Wrong, about a man’s frantic search for his kidnapped dog and the strange characters he encounters along the way, and the Oscar-nominated Bullhead, are also part of the pact.

"Films We Like is a perfect DNA match for our brand and we are thrilled to have our films represented in Canada,” Drafthouse Films COO James Emanuel Shapiro said in a statement.

The deal was negotiated by Film We Like president Ron Mann and Drafthouse's Shapiro.


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