Toronto According to … Exec Daniel Levin

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Daniel Levin

The Narrative Capital CEO shares his high point at TIFF and the biggest difference (post-Trump) about being in Canada rather than the U.S.

What’s your “only in Toronto” moment?

The decibel level in Roy Thomson Hall after Lion’s world premiere last year.

What was your TIFF high point?

Between screenings, watching a Blue Jays game with my 6-year-old atop the CN Tower.

What can’t you live without at the festival?

Billy Bishop Airport’s four-minute cab ride to the hotel.

What’s the one place to go in Toronto?

Baldwin Street’s kosher hot dog stand.

Where do you avoid during the festival?

The elevators at the Hyatt.

Who’s your favorite Canadian actor/director and why?

Director: The fearless Sarah Polley; she tackles incredible material. Actor: Michael J. Fox, by a factor of 1.21 gigawatts.

Do you have a Toronto horror story?

Don’t jinx me, please.

What’s the most Canadian thing about Toronto?

Gum-free sidewalks. I live in New York.

What’s the biggest difference, post-Trump, about being in Canada as opposed to the U.S.?

This year, I’d prefer a flight back in Doc Brown’s DeLorean.

Levin is at TIFF for the Sept. 14 premiere of Jon Avnet’s Three Christs, starring Richard Gere, Peter Dinklage and Walton Goggins.

This story first appeared in The Hollywood Reporter's Sept. 10 daily issue at the Toronto Film Festival.