Toronto film fest dabbles in mixed media

Thailand's Apichatpong Weerasethakul set for festival

TORONTO -- The Toronto International Film Festival is to mix up moving image platforms in September as it presents an Isabella Rossellini installation, a cell phone-inspired movie from Don McKellar and multichannel video works from Candice Breitz as part of its Future Projections sidebar.

Toronto said Tuesday that it booked Rossellini to present "Green Porno: Scandalous Sea," which transforms Sundance Channel-produced shorts about ocean-borne sexual high-jinks into a sculptural installation, while Breitz will screen "The Origins of Factum," a video portrait of identical twins.

Thai filmmaker and visual artist Apichatpong Weerasethakul will be in Toronto with "Phantoms of Nabua, an installation that recalls recurring themes in his earlier feature films, which include "Blissfully Yours" and "Tropical Malady."

Also festival-bound is "Picture Start," from director of photography veteran Christopher Doyle ("Happy Together"), which explores how movie images evolve from when a director yells "action" on set to postproduction.

And Canadian filmmaker Don McKellar is bringing "Imaginary Lovers," which features video phone messages from different women in different foreign locations, while New York-based artist Adam Pendleton will present "Band," a production that features live performance, a rock show, a film installation and video.

The festival also unveiled titles for its inaugural "City to City" program, which features movies from Tel Aviv, including Etyan Fox's "The Bubble," Uri Zohar's "Big Eyes," Efraim Kishon's 1969 farce "Big Dig" and Niv Klainer's "Bena."

The Toronto International Film Festival is set to run from Sept. 10-19.