Toronto: Film Movement Inks North American Deal for 'App'

App Movie Poster - P 2013

App Movie Poster - P 2013

The Dutch techno thriller is billed as a "cross media" project that features audience involvement as part of the movie's plot.

TORONTO – Film Movement has inked a deal for North America to App, the Dutch techno thriller billed as a "cross media" project because it carries an app for the audience to download and use as part of the movie plot.

The film, starring Hannah Hoeskstra, Robert de Hoog, Matthijs van de Sande-Bakhuijzen and Mark Centuries details the story of a girl who wakes up in a haze after a wild party and notices a new app has appeared on her smartphone. It slowly begins to reveal it knows intimate details about her and gradually takes over her life before a campaign of terror begins which sees the app distribute compromising pictures, videos and nasty text messages.

The movie, which unspooled at the Fantasy Film Fest in Germany, was sold by Carey Fitzgerald's U.K. sales and finance banner High Point.

Momo Films sealed an all rights deal for Australia and New Zealand on the title.

The sale to Film Movement comes in the wake of the European Film Promotion Premieres NY Industry Screenings earlier this year and follows a flurry of sales since the Marche du Film in Cannes.

Germany (ZDF), Japan (Nettai Museum), South Korea (Movement Pictures/Markers Entertainment), China (Leomus Culture & Media), Russia (Exponenta), Hong Kong (UA Films) and Taiwan (Cineplex Development Co) all inked deals.

High Point C.O.O. Julie Delaney, negotiated the North America and Australia, New Zealand deals.

She said: "These sales to the first English language territories, are strong testament to this film's continuing universal appeal."