Toronto: Jason Reitman to Direct 'Boogie Nights' Live Read

Jason Reitman

The "Labor Day" helmer will preside over a table reading of the Paul Thomas Anderson script.

Boogie Nights is set to be the latest title given the Jason Reitman Live Read treatment.

The Labor Day director will officiate a table reading of the Paul Thomas Anderson script at the Toronto International Film Festival on Sept. 6 at the Ryerson Theatre.

"For the first time the Live Read at TIFF will be 18+... Oh, and easily our longest," Reitman teased on Twitter this past week. 

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The cast, however, is yet to be announced. Reitman will reveal who will be filling in for Mark Wahlberg's Dirk Diggler and Julianne Moore's Amber Waves and the rest of the Boogie Nights crew on his Twitter feed in the next few days, the festival said.

If prior Live Read events are a guide, there may be some well-known names present. Reitman has held numerous table reading events at LACMA in L.A., the TimesCenter in N.Y. and at TIFF, where he directed a reading of American Beauty last year.

The director has previously officiated readings of Shampoo (with Bradley Cooper, Lena Dunham and Kate Hudson), The Breakfast Club (with Mindy Kaling, James Van Der Beek and Patton Oswalt) and Ghostbusters (with Seth Rogen, Rainn Wilson and Jack Black). 

“Boogie Nights was one of the most buzzed about films when it premiered at the Festival in 1997," said Cameron Bailey, TIFF artistic director, in a news release. "Revisiting Anderson’s script in this creative setting with a stellar cast of actors is a kind of movie magic."

Reitman's latest feature, Labor Day, starring Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet, made its debut on Thursday at the 40th Telluride Film Festival in Colorado. The title is set for release on Christmas Day.