Toronto mayor in Hollywood to tout his town


Toronto Mayor David Miller is touring studio lots in Los Angeles this week with a promise: Hollywood producers will be charged only 78 cents for every Canadian dollar spent on city services.

That's one of many sweeteners on offer as Miller attempts to woo the major studios back to Toronto after recent years in which they've steered production to New York state, Michigan and other states south of the border.

Another carrot is an 80-cent Canadian dollar compared with the American greenback, which has Toronto back on the radar of bean counters.

"We lost our cost-competitiveness. We now have that back, and we're a full-service provider," Miller said Tuesday. "Now's the time to come back to Toronto."

Toronto's renown as Hollywood North began to ebb with 9/11 and the 2003 SARS health scare and continued when U.S. states began matching tax breaks from Canada. A stronger American dollar from 2006 erased what remaining cost advantages Toronto offered to the major studios. (partialdiff)