Toronto Mayor Rob Ford 'Crackathon' Game Launches Online

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Players are invited to collect dope leaves and liquor bottles while avoiding reporters, arrest or impeachment, as they party like the embattled Canadian politician.

TORONTO – Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has tested the bounds of voter patience with the illicit drugs and alcohol he has consumed in the past as he campaigns for re-election.

But now gamers can party like the Canadian crack-smoking politician with the launch of the online Crackathon video game.

The free, web-based, HTML5 game invites players to collect dope leaves and liquor bottles while avoiding reporters, arrest or impeachment, as they assume the role of Toronto's celebrity mayor.

The goal is to consume as much crack cocaine as possible before getting impeached.

The game includes actual sound bites of Ford, including one where he famously uttered "probably in a drunken stupor" as he attempted to explain away one of his many online video rants.

The video game was produced by two University of Waterloo students during a 16-hour Hackathon event, according to the CBC News website.

The release of the Crackathon game is timely, as Mayor Ford on Monday was forced to hold a media conference to deny he was drunk while attending the Toronto Blue Jays home opener on Friday night, and then a Toronto Maple Leafs game on Saturday night.

"I wasn’t drunk at either game; I wasn’t drinking at either game,” Ford told reporters outside his City Hall office, the Toronto Sun newspaper reported.

Officials at Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment, which owns the Toronto Maple Leafs NHL team, denied Ford had been blocked from entering the director's lounge at the Air Canada Center on Saturday night because he recently voted against an expansion of BMO Field in downtown Toronto that would include taxpayer investment.

Media reports suggested Ford was visibly upset when he was denied entry into the private event.

The mayor also took offense when the media asked whether he continues to take drugs.

"You guys ask stupid questions,” Ford said, before adding: "It is a stupid question, OK?"

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