Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to Finally Get Help for Addictions (Report)

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The drug- and booze-abusing politician's decision to "take a break" and enter rehab follows yet another recording of drunken behavior in a city bar Monday night.

TORONTO – Toronto mayor Rob Ford is raising the white flag over his illicit drug and alcohol abuse.

Well, sort of.

The Toronto Sun on Wednesday reported the crack-smoking politician is “ready to take a break” from his re-election campaign to enter rehab.

The spark is a "new raunchy audio recording of Ford ranting and swearing" in a Toronto bar Monday night, the newspaper reports.

In addition, the rival Globe and Mail newspaper on Wednesday night reported that two of its reporters have seen a video recorded early Saturday morning that allegedly shows the mayor smoking crack cocaine from a pipe.

Ford, in response to questioning over the bar incident, told the Toronto Sun that he will take a 30-day leave of absence from his mayoral post to “deal with his issues.”

The Globe and Mail also has Ford's lawyer, Dennis Morris, indicating that the mayor will "take a break" from the election campaign. 

The Toronto mayor has gained global celebrity status for earlier infamous video recordings, including one where he is apparently inhaling from a crack cocaine pipe and which was revealed by Gawker, the U.S. gossip website.

But the latest recording has Ford, apparently in one of his now famous "drunken stupors," referring to a rival election candidate, Karen Stinz, with lewd language.

"I’d like to f-----g jam her [Stintz], but she doesn’t want ... I can’t talk like this ... I’m so sorry,” Ford says on the recording, according to the press report.

The newspaper account indicates Ford had been consuming "shooters" and was "trying to fight with patrons" in the bar.

Ford, despite losing virtually all of his mayoral powers and becoming the butt of U.S. late-night comics' jokes, is running for re-election as Toronto's mayor ahead of an October vote.