Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Gets Cartoon Treatment

Rob Ford - H - 2013
Getty Images

Canada's Cuppa Coffee Studios used stop-motion animation to depict a blimp-like politician braving a media circus at City Hall as his scandal grows.

TORONTO -- With Rob Ford, it's hard to make this stuff up.

So Cuppa Coffee Studios has decided to give the crack cocaine-smoking Toronto mayor the cartoon treatment.

Fordtacular Spectacular!, which depicts a blimp-like Canadian politician facing a media circus at Toronto City Hall as his scandal explodes, has sparked a bidding war among North American buyers, according to cartoon studio president Adam Shaheen.

"The film hilariously lampoons the trials and tribulations of a danger-prone Rob Ford and the tenacity of the improbable, unstoppable mayor to keep bouncing back," Shaheen told The Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday after completing his stop-motion animated film.

He adds that Cuppa Coffee is weighing whether to debut Fordtacular Spectacular! on a U.S. or Canadian channel before heading online.

Shaheen said Ford's office at City Hall has yet to respond to an invitation from Cuppa Coffee to visit the Toronto animation studio and meet the cartoonists.

Meanwhile, Ford has become fodder for other filmmakers intent on mocking his City Hall revelations.

Toronto editor Tristan Gough created the YouTube parody trailer Rob Ford: The Movie by combining clips from Chris Farley-starring movies like Black Sheep.

And Late Show With David Letterman posted a video to its YouTube page that features Jennifer Lawrence, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill and Martha Stewart reciting lines from the Toronto mayor as a parody of a recent Ken Burns video in which U.S. presidents recite lines from the Gettysburg Address.

Although he has lost his political powers, Ford has become a global media sensation after admitting to smoking illicit drugs and "drunken stupors," before going on to campaign for re-election next year.