Toronto Mayor Rob Ford's Whereabouts Cloaked in Mystery

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Plans to fly to Chicago, apparently to enter an American rehab center, were scuttled after the crack-smoking politician on May 1 decided against applying to enter the U.S.

TORONTO -- Mystery surrounds the whereabouts of Toronto mayor Rob Ford after he last week agreed to enter rehab, but was denied entry into the U.S.

The crack-smoking mayor's brother, Doug Ford, insists the celebrity politician is "doing well" in an rehab center, without saying where.

A Canadian diplomat told the Globe and Mail newspaper Tuesday that a private jet carrying the Toronto mayor flew back to Canada on May 1 after landing in the U.S.

"He voluntarily withdrew his application to enter the U.S.A.," Roy Norton, the consul general in Chicago insisted.

Ford last week took a leave of absence from his mayoralty post with the apparent intent to enter a rehab clinic after videos of recent drug use surfaced.

Doug Ford, who is also a Toronto councilor, told reporters that the location of his brother's rehab center will remain a secret as long as reporters may "stake it out."

Fellow city councilor Giorgio Mammoliti told reporters Tuesday that Rob Ford's location should be revealed for transparency.

"I think that based on the mayor's behavior over the last number of years, because of the amount of opportunity he's had to come forward and tell the truth and hasn't on different issues, I would say to you right now that at the very least the city should know the city that he's in for treatment, and with some verification that he is in fact being treated," Mammoliti said, according to the Toronto Star newspaper.