Toronto: Music Video Director Makes Feature Debut With 'Kissing Candice' (Exclusive Video)

Courtesy of the Toronto Film Festival
'Kissing Candice'

Aoife McArdle looks at a gang of youth living on the border between Northern Ireland and the Irish Republic.

Acclaimed Irish music video director Aoife McArdle makes her feature film debut in Toronto this year with Kissing Candice, a drama set along Ireland's North/South border.

The coming-of-age feature stars Red Rock actress Ann Skelly and a cast of young up-and-comers, all playing kids desperate to escape the boredom of life in a small seaside town and finding solace in their imagination and in increasingly dangerous escapades.

McArdle made her name with music videos for the likes of U2 (Every Breaking Wave) and Brian Ferry (Loop Di Li) as well as numerous television commercials.

The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive clip from Kissing Candice, which gives a feeling of the visual style and mood of the film. It shows the gang, walking along abandoned train tracks in the woods, drinking and looking for excitement or distraction.

Kissing Candice premieres at the Toronto Film Festival Sept. 8.

Check out the clip below.