Toronto: Oscar-Nominated Director Adam Benzine at Work on U.S. COVID-19 Crisis Doc 'The Curve'

Adam Benzine - H Publicity 2020
David Spowart

Adam Benzine

Jet Black Iris Productions is unveiling the latest pandemic-era feature at the virtual TIFF market.

Oscar-nominated director Adam Benzine (Claude Lanzmann: Spectres of the Shoah) is putting the final touches on The Curve, a feature doc that investigates America’s COVID-19 crisis and is being shopped at the virtual TIFF market by Jet Black Iris Productions.

Shot during the pandemic, the investigative doc will feature public health experts and journalists like Dr. Ali Khan, former director of the CDC’s Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response; Dr. Emily Landon, chief infectious-disease epidemiologist at University of Chicago Medicine; Sonya Shah, investigative journalist and author of Pandemic; and Ilan Goldenberg, former U.S. State Department advisor, as they explain events from mid-January to mid-April of this year when the White House mismanaged its response to the Coronavirus spread.

"My hope is that The Curve will be for COVID-19 what Inside Job was for the housing market collapse. With the U.S. death toll nearing 200,000, Americans are understandably furious. They are demanding to know how this could have happened. And using meticulous research, in-depth context, creatively treated archival and expert first-person testimony, we reveal just that," Benzine explained in a statement.

The film's producers expect The Curve will likely launch on a broadcast or streaming platform, amid the pandemic, before a theatrical release down the road.  Last week, Neon announced it has picked up Alex Gibney’s latest documentary, Totally Under Control, about U.S. president Donald Trump's failed response to the global Coronavirus pandemic, for an October theatrical release.

HBO Documentary Films acquired Benzine's Oscar-nominated documentary about iconic French director Claude Lanzmann as it followed his artistic journey from 1973 to 1985 to make Shoah, the legendary documentary about the Holocaust that was 9 1/2 hours in length.

The Curve is in post-production and is scored by Emmy-winning composer Joel Goodman (JFK).