Toronto According to ... Programmer Jo Addy

Jo Addy Soho House - Sqaure - 2016
Courtesy of Subject

The Soho House director of cinema programming within North America dishes on the fest's special ritual.

What’s your best "Canadian politeness" moment?

I once asked a local for directions. I was going in the opposite direction from where they were heading, but rather than just give me directions verbally, they walked me the entire way to my destination. We had a lovely chat along the way.

Your "only in Toronto" moment?

Every year, on the first Sunday of the festival, everyone heads to a certain local strip bar. This is the only time during TIFF you will see all the industry people in town from New York and L.A. under one roof. It’s become a fun tradition of sorts. You never know who you are going to run into.

What have you lost during the fest?

My mind.

Favorite Canadian actor?

Ryan Gosling. Not only is he a great actor and very easy on the eyes, I love him in The Notebook. That movie has me in a flood of tears every single time I watch it.

What’s your favorite hotel lobby bar?

The Drake Hotel. It’s a really great spot for people watching. They also make a delicious Gin Mule, which I always enjoy at the end of a long day of screenings and meetings.

Place to avoid during the festival?

Happy hour for festival badge holders. I find it is where some very awkward networking takes place!  

What do you splurge on while at the festival?

Very expensive, tasty snacks. There is never time to eat a meal during the day, so I stash them in my bag to get me through back-to-back screenings.