Toronto: SSG Suing IPA Buyer for Interference of Business

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Lawrence Close Up - H 2013

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Lawrence Close Up - H 2013

IPA's Bob Jones says 'no comment' on lawsuit

Studio Solutions Group (SSG) said that it has filed a suit in Los Angeles against Bob Jones of International Production Associates (IPA) alleging interference of business.

The suit alleges that Jones made “defamatory, virulent statements made via written packages sent to leading studio film licensors against SSG and its principal, Johnny Lin," the L.A.-based distributor SSG said in a statement issued at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Jones, who has purchased many titles for Asian territories, including Melancholia, The Artist, Silver Linings Playbook and On the Road, said he had no comment to make on the lawsuit when contacted by The Hollywood Reporter.

Last month, SSG won $4.2 million in its litigation with Media Development Corp. over the Taiwanese distribution rights to a number of movies, including Hunger Games: Catching Fire and Looper.

"Bob Jones attempted the interruption of SSG’s business by spreading false information in regards of its background, practice and method of operandi," Lin said.

SSG is being represented by Jeremiah Reynolds of Kinsella, Weitzman, Iser, Kump & Aldisert LLP.