Toronto Video: Josh Charles Remembers 'Dead Poets' Co-Star Robin Williams

"The Judge" star Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans ("Before We Go") also stop by THR's video lounge

Josh Charles says one of the things he remembers most about Dead Poets Society co-star Robin Williams was his "kindness and decency."

The actor, who is in Toronto to promote his new film Bird People at the festival, recently sat down in The Hollywood Reporter's video lounge, where he paid tribute to Williams, who committed suicide last month. After Williams' death, it was revealed that he was suffering from depression and had recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease.

"A lot of memories came up with his passing, reaching out to some of the guys from the film. I got an email from [director] Peter Weir," Charles said. "I think we were all flooded with a lot of memories — very, very sad. I was sad to hear he was in that much pain."

The 1989 movie marked one of Charles' first professional acting roles, and he said Williams made a big impression on him and the rest of the cast who played students of Williams' character.

"He was the first bona fide star I'd ever interacted with, worked with, I knew he was funny of course, and that precedes him when he comes onto a set. But I think I was most struck by how kind he was and how nice he was to these 17-year-old, 18-year-old kids. And while he was clearly the star of the movie, he made great effort to be just one part of the ensemble."

Charles also recalled being somewhat proud to have made Williams laugh once while doing a Richard Pryor impersonation.

"It was a very memorable time in my life and my career, and he was such a part of it, always has been and always will be, a man that in my interaction with him always treated me with such kindness and decency. He touched a lot of people's lives, and my sadness comes with just being a fan as well. What a loss it is — what a massive talent — and also very sad for him and his family."

Meanwhile, Robert Downey Jr. stopped by THR's video lounge with his The Judge co-stars to talk about the movie, which finds Downey playing a lawyer who returns home when his father, a judge, is implicated as a murder suspect.

"I just love the notion of a guy who has to fall through one trapdoor after another," Downey said. "Seeing the case handed over to someone that he's just like, 'No, please anyone but that.' It's like a myth about someone who serendipitously winds up, in spite of themselves, doing something fairly heroic."


Chris Evans also stopped by THR's video lounge to discuss his directorial debut, Before We Go. Evans also stars with Alice Eve in the romantic tale about two strangers who fall for each other during one night in New York.

"I've always been a big fan of romance, and I think this story kind of captured the idea of meeting somebody and an unexpected, unintentional night unfolding in a really pure matter," says the actor, who is best known for his role as Captain America.



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