Toronto: Why WME Agents are Looking so Trim

Treadmill desks and hot yoga are just a few of the exercise tips making the rounds at this year's fest.

Do some of the execs milling around the festival look a little more svelte this year? There’s a reason for that. At the Lucky Them afterparty on Friday night, Paladin president Mark Urman revealed he’s using a calorie-counting app (he’s lost 26 lbs. so far). Sundance programmer David Courier said he’s on the Paleo diet and has shed 23 lbs.

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Over at the Parkland soiree at Soho House, WME agent Adriana Alberghetti told THR she’s doing hot yoga during the fest and worships the treadmill-desk she has back in her L.A. office. Alberghetti and about 20 of her fellow WME-ers own the machine, which is a working treadmill with an attached desk. (Ari Emanuel was the first to get one.)

“I tear through my work because you get so singularly minded about what you are doing,” says Alberghetti. “You have to, or else you fall off!” She adds that in the past few weeks she’s convinced Paramount president Adam Goodman and Sony production president Hannah Minghella to buy one as well.