Tory Burch Files New Lawsuit Against Alleged Counterfeiters

Tory Burch

Designer Tory Burch is wearing her own ivory silk tulle and organza gown with hand-embroidered coral orchid appliqués.

The retail queen, who recently settled a copyright infringement dispute with her ex-husband, is taking aim at the designers behind Bluebell Accessories Inc.

Nearly three months after settling her legal dispute with ex-husband Chris Burch, whose C.Wonder chain she had accused of mimicking her eponymous fashion label,Tory Burch has filed a new copyright infringement lawsuit against the designers behind a company called Bluebell Accessories Inc.

The preppy clothing designer filed suit Friday in New York after having sent Bluebell co-owners Jessica Min and Sung Ki Min a cease-and-desist letter, reports Women's Wear Daily (via The Huffington Post). Burch seeks a permanent injunction to stall the sales of accessories similar in design to her trademark "T" logo; according to court documents, Bluebell responded but did not offer any hard information on "purchases and sales to date, as well as the supplier of the counterfeit goods being sold."

Burch, the CEO and primary designer of her company (which is pegged to be valued somewhere in the ballpark of $2 billion and $2.5 billion) has long sought to crack down on counterfeiters: In 2011, she won $164 million in damages from 100-plus websites that ripped off her trademark.