Total Recall

Emmy actress hopefuls share memorable moments on their hit shows

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Hope Davis, "In Treatment" (HBO)
"I loved (the episode 'Mia: Week Four'), because there was a lot of dialogue in it that really shocked Gabriel (Byrne), and he wasn't really sure we should say it on television. Things that aren't really printable in The Hollywood Reporter, like the line, 'Bennett can kiss my well-f***ed ass.' Gabriel blushed when we did the readthrough of that. He took me aside and said, 'I don't think you should say that on television. I think you'll regret it.' He just thought it was shocking and that a nice girl like me shouldn't say something like that. But the line seems to have made people laugh really hard. You know, Mia's obviously so in love with Paul and is really trying to goad him into making some sort of admission of his own feelings. We'll see where they're going to take that story line."

Rosemarie DeWitt, "United States of Tara" (Showtime)
"I liked that (my character) Charmaine got to deal with body images and feeling like her life wasn't working out. (In the episode 'Alterations,' she has surgery) to fix up a botched boob job. That was a day where they had to bring in the breast doubles. It's nice that they include you in those decisions, but I was totally uncomfortable. I'm looking at all these girls, and they take their shirts off, and I'm like, 'You're all fantastic. I can't choose this.' I mean, all the girls looked great. You can't really say one person's better, and of course, none of them looked like me anyway. They were all much more well-endowed. (But) I was happy that they didn't CGI my head onto (the body double). That would end up on the Internet in about five seconds!"

America Ferrera, "Ugly Betty" (ABC)
"One of my favorite, all-time moments this season was when Adele came to guest star on our show for Episode 22. I have never geeked out so much in my life over anyone, because I've been listening nonstop to her album. And one of the dorkiest moments was when she was going to sing her song 'Right as Rain' in the scene. We were just hanging around. I didn't realize that she was right behind me, and I started singing the song. You never feel like more of a dork than when you start singing someone's song who's standing right behind you. Then she started giggling at me, which only made me feel like more embarrassed. So that's the best day but also the most embarrassing moment. I was like, 'I got a laugh. I mean, I guess that was good?' "

Ginnifer Goodwin, "Big Love" (HBO)
"My favorite episode has to be 'Come, Ye Saints,' which we've always called 'the road trip show.' We actually did go on a road trip to film this. It was a tough, hot, dusty shoot, mostly in shut-up cars under the blazing sun with wigs and hats, and no air conditioning or sunglasses, and screaming babies, and emotionally high-stakes material. My favorite moment in the episode actually ended up on the cutting room floor. Jeanne (Tripplehorn), Chloe (Sevigny) and I were rolling on the scene in which (my character) Margene spills the beans about Bill's Viagra (use). In the middle of our characters' fight, we passed this sunflower field, and we all stopped dead in the middle of the scene to gasp -- it was so beautiful -- and then went right on with our fight. It was such a real family moment, so dynamic."

Mariska Hargitay, "Law & Order: SVU" (NBC)
"Somebody had tried to rape (my character) in a previous episode, so I had Post-traumatic Stress Disorder from that rape, because I was attacked and beaten up. There was a scene in (the episode) where, because of my suffering from PTSD, I unwittingly pulled a gun. So we're shooting a big fight scene and we're in this very small hotel room. (Director Eriq La Salle) is shooting it from a lot of different angles. I had to hold a gun and then -- bam! -- cock the gun. Obviously, I wasn't doing it fast enough. So from the other room, I'm hearing, 'Come on, Mariska, more cock! More cock! Faster cock! Cock it! Cock it!' And the whole entire set and the crew ... shut down for 10 minutes, because everyone was bending over laughing so hard. There's a lot of comic relief and a lot of gallows humor. But you have to, because it's just so dark."

Elisabeth Moss, "Mad Men" (AMC)
"One of my favorite (episodes is) from Season 2, called 'The New Girl.' It's the one where there are the flashbacks of Peggy and Don in the hospital. We're always shooting down in Los Angeles Center Studios, and we shot the flashback stuff on this little stage that we used last season. It was incredibly, deathly quiet (on the set) when we were filming the scene where Jon (Hamm) gives Peggy advice and says she'll be shocked to see how much she can forget this ... You could hear chairs creak. His performance was incredible. I really loved watching him. It was a very moving scene, because our two characters had come so far. It was a huge step for her to take to becoming a woman."

Cobie Smulders, "How I Met Your Mother" (CBS)
"It's been interesting (hiding my pregnancy during Season 4). I still am a smaller pregnant woman. I didn't really start showing until about seven months. I felt so bad when I had to tell the wardrobe department that there was another pregnant woman on the set (in addition to co-star Alyson Hannigan), because they're really the ones that have to deal with it the most. It was like, 'OK, it's time to bring out the really big purse.' It was a shield. It was weird at first. You're thinking about the scene, and you're thinking about all the actor-y stuff, but then you're also like, 'Oh, but I have to use props so much more seriously now.' It messed with me at first a bit, but then I just got used to it."