Touchstone TV strikes up the band


Touchstone TV has formed a music department and has tapped veteran feature music supervisor Dawn Soler to run it.

Music supervision for Touchstone TV's pilots and series had been handled by Buena Vista Motion Pictures Group's music department.

But with the TV studio's rapid transformation during the past several years into a major player boasting some of the biggest series on television, the music needs of its growing portfolio of series also increased significantly.

For instance, Touchstone TV's Emmy-winning drama "Lost" features a live orchestral score; the studio tapped top Hollywood composer Danny Elfman to write the theme for "Desperate Housewives"; and the two soundtrack albums for "Grey's Anatomy" ranked among the top 20 best-selling soundtracks of last year, with "Grey's Anatomy, Vol. 2" recently scoring a Grammy nomination.

"All that demonstrates the dramatic importance of music in filmmaking and inspired us to invest in the growth of our music management," Touchstone TV executive vp production Barry Jossen said.

In her new position as vp, Soler, who will report to Jossen, will focus on expanding the studio's relationships in the music community in search of great original and licensed music for Touchstone TV's series. In addition, she will oversee development of temporary scores for the studio's pilots and new series.

Jossen said he had courted Soler to join Touchstone because he worked with her on the 1995 feature "Miami Rhapsody."

"Soler's depth of knowledge of music in television and film will expand Touchstone's reputation as a trendsetting leader in the television music industry," he said. "She will be an integral part in shaping the future of the studio's music identity."

Soler's résumé includes gigs as music supervisor on more than 60 films including both the "Princess Diaries" movies, "Sweet Home Alabama" and "Dumb & Dumber."

She most recently was the co-music supervisor on Touchstone TV's hot new comedy "Ugly Betty" and is completing the film "Disney's Enchanted."

Soler previously served as head of music for PolyGram Pictures and music consultant for Disney Pictures and New Line Pictures.