About Town: 'Morning Glory'

Issue 53 - About Town: Harrison Ford, Rachel McAdams, Patrick Wilson
Dave Allocca/StarTracksPhoto.com

"I've done a lot of morning shows in my life," said Harrison Ford (with Patrick Wilson, left, and Rachel McAdams), on how he researched his role.

New York, Nov. 7

It was a cool night in Manhattan for the premiere of Morning Glory at the Ziegfeld. Despite overcast skies, the star-studded cast and crew joined partygoers at the film's official after-party at the Central Park Boathouse.

For producer Sherryl Clark, working on this movie was a childhood dream come true: "I had to pinch myself everyday on set. I would see Diane Keaton sitting there just like Annie Hall, and then there was Harrison Ford, like Hans Solo or Indiana Jones."

While veterans Ford and Keaton held court at their respective tables, Rachel McAdams and J. Elaine Marcos worked the room.

"It was extremely intimidating working with this cast," Broadway regular Marcos said. "It was like a master class in acting; you just have to soak in all that positive energy."