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Valerie Plame, left, and "Fair Game's" Naomi Watts in Armani at Cannes.


Don't ever get between Harvey Weinstein and a movie he wants to buy. After the Nov. 5 AFI Fest screening of his company's The King's Speech, Weinstein engaged in a bidding war for director Timur Bekmambetov's extraterrestrial film Apollo 18, which is already in production. But while Speech's Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and director Tom Hooper schmoozed their way through the post-party at the Hollywood Roosevelt, Weinstein demanded that organizers chase down a DVD player, and he then ensconced himself in a private room. Problem was, the room contained one of the only bathrooms in the VIP area. When one woman opened the door and asked to use the facilities, Weinstein responded, "Find another one!" He reportedly sealed the Apollo deal late that night. A Weinstein Co. rep denied the incident happened.


When covert spy Valerie Plame got outed, she sure did it in style: The former CIA agent went to her 2007 congressional hearings wearing a luxe look by Giorgio Armani. We guess spies get paid pretty well. "It made me feel as confident as I possibly could," Plame has said. So who better than Armani himself to supply clothes for Naomi Watts as the ex-spy in Fair Game? For the film, Armani re-created some of his looks from Plame's wardrobe, including her Congressional testimony outfit. He even hosted a Fair Game party aboard his yacht at Cannes -- and dressed both blondes in Armani gowns. "When I saw the photo of Valerie courageously testifying before Congress, that exemplified a power-suit moment," Armani says. Hey, if you're going to play someone real, why not get their real wardrobe?


Modern Family (and Just Shoot Me!) writer/co-producer Steve Levitan is being honored Nov. 10 for his efforts in defense of gun control at a fundraiser at the Beverly Hills Hotel for the James Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. But event organizers apparently have had a hard time getting big names to show up and publicly support gun control. Charlton Heston could come out for guns, but few stars do the opposite. "It's not as good for their image as starving babies," an organizer says. "And it lets people know where they stand politically." Meanwhile, another Hollywood producer we know has a very different explanation: "Celebrities can't come out against guns because they all keep guns in their homes."



Conan O'Brien's not the only one wrangling to reconfigure late night TV. We hear that when Jimmy Kimmel's contract is up for renegotiation with ABC in January, the star of Jimmy Kimmel Live! won't be asking for five more zeroes ... but five more minutes. To increase his ratings vis-a-vis Jay Leno and David Letterman, the host wants his 12:05 a.m. show -- which follows Nightline, on at 11:35 -- to start right at midnight. Why? Viewers are more likely to click directly on the hour. Kimmel's rep had no comment.


Jersey Shore's Snooki tuned in to E!'s Fashion Police on Oct. 22 just when host Joan Rivers was spouting: "Snooki needs four people to get into those pants; two to squeeze her in and two to hold the donuts!" The problem was, Snooki was booked to appear on FP the next week and things escalated. Snooki's people left word for Rivers that: "Snooki's feelings are hurt; she won't come on the Halloween show," Rivers, set to make an appearance on Jimmy Fallon, decided to skewer her again. But did Snooki have an inkling of insults to come? The reality star texted Rivers backstage at Fallon, saying she'd come on after all. She even conceded to show up in the same tacky dress as Rivers, complete with her now-discarded hair "bump," and yell, "Bitch, you stole my look!" Snooki, perhaps assuaging those hurt feelings, guzzled a six pack of Bud before airtime. Snooki's rep could not be reached for comment.


Is Janie Bryant getting over-exposed? Earlier this year, the Mad Men costume designer had the fashion world on its toes waiting to hear the details on her own line of clothes, only to find out it was dropping on ... QVC. Now Bryant is promoting her new style-advice book, The Fashion File, with a total of five parties. At the Nov. 5 fete, she was asked which other TV shows have great costuming right now, replying: "I have heard of Boardwalk Empire but haven't seen it. I don't watch a lot of TV other than Mad Men."

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