'Town' spotting: Eurostar backing Meadows effort


Brit filmmaker Shane Meadows is taking the train for his next job behind the lens as he embarks on producer Tomboy Films' "Somers Town."

The 35-minute short-film project — which follows the lives of two boys living in an area of the capital just north of St. Pancras station, which has been transformed by the construction of the new Eurostar terminal — is backed by the London-to-Paris train operator Eurostar.

Meadows' short film is not billed as a commercial for the train operator, despite bank-rolling the budget entirely, and is written by Paul Frazer.

It marks Meadows' first film shot in London and a return to collaborating with Frazer, who previously worked on "Dead Man's Shoes" and "TwentyFourSeven."

"It will be the first film I have made in London, and I wanted to try and capture both the familiarity and the strangeness of London," Meadows said.

Production label Tomboy Films has a roster of directors working in it including Kirk Jones, John Madden and Stephen Frears.