How Toxic-Free Dentistry Is Shaking Up Hollywood

Courtesy of Beverly Hills BioDental

Dr. Grace Goar Vershinina of Beverly Hills BioDental shares how to achieve a healthy, red carpet-worthy smile.

Sure, diamonds and designer handbags are on most holiday wish lists, but what about a set of come-hither pearly whites like Julia Roberts' and Hugh Jackman's? Treat yourself to a visit to the dentist for some overdue fine-tuning and, more important, removal of toxins.

Here, Tinseltown’s high-tech doyenne of safe dentistry, Dr. Grace Goar Vershinina of Beverly Hills BioDental, shares how to achieve a healthy, red carpet-worthy smile.

“Everyone in Hollywood puts an incredible amount of energy into anti-aging and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, yet the majority of people often completely overlook how heavily their mouths are saturated with toxic materials like mercury, titanium and metals,” says Goar Vershinina, a University of Pennsylvania and UCLA grad. “Studies show these unsavory materials are contributing to skyrocketing numbers of chronic disease.”

At her futuristic-designed practice, Beverly Hills BioDental and Facial Aesthetics, Goar Vershinina safely removes all toxic restorations and infected teeth with safe, biocompatible materials and technologies. “We strongly believe teeth should be entirely free of metal and we restore your teeth in one appointment,” she says. This entails pure, ceramic, metal-free implants; same-day crowns; fillings; periodontal treatments; veneers and 30-minute laser teeth whitening.

Her diagnostic tool, a new generation 3D CBCT, is the Rolls Royce of X-rays and delivers precise images without film strips and sensors in the mouth. “What’s fascinating is my patients report experiencing improvement in their chronic conditions after just one visit because the immune system improves simply by removing metals, amalgam and sources of inflammation.”

Goar Vershinina is also concerned about one of the more common dental treatments in Hollywood: at-home bleaching. “Studies show it can cause more damage to teeth due to duration of contact,” she says. This longer exposure time may increase the risk of injury to the surface of teeth, including permeability and dehydration. 

Instead, she offers clients the most advanced laser teeth whitening in one 30-minute session. “It’s fast, absolutely safe and painless for even the most sensitive teeth,” she says. “We get at least five shades lighter.”

We have only one set of teeth for our entire lives, so consistent, proactive care is essential.