'Toy Story 3' now HK's number 3 all-time

'Inception' wins weekend but 'Toy' continues climb

HONG KONG – “Inception” topped Hong Kong's boxoffice its opening weekend, but receipts proved less than dreamy.

Christopher Nolan’s brainy thriller took HK$13.9 million ($1.8 million) since its July 29 opening in Hong Kong, a respectable albeit modest sum, when compared with the director’s previous effort, “The Dark Knight," which grossed HK$16.5 million during its first four days in 2008, or the current boxoffice behemoth, “Toy Story 3," which debuted with the nearly doubled gross of HK$25.7 million two weeks ago, according to the Hong Kong Motion Picture Industry Association. "Dark Knight" did, however, have the advantage of being partially filmed in Hong Kong.

The boxoffice numbers for the Pixar animated film, which finished second with HK$9.4 million last weekend, has now overtaken not only the previous highest-grossing animated feature, but also the non-James Cameron-directed blockbusters in Hong Kong. With a total gross of HK$71.7 million, the stereoscopic 3D animation is now third on the list of all-time, highest-grossing films, behind Cameron’s “Avatar” and “Titanic." The former third-placer, “Jurassic Park”, took HK$61.9 million in 1993. 

The weekend also saw Feng Xiaogang’s “Aftershock” raked in HK$3 million to a total of HK$8.5 million since its July 22 release, making the drama Feng’s best-performing work in the territory. The Angelina Jolie espionage vehicle, “Salt," which opened on the same day as “Inception," took HK$2 million. 

Rounding out the weekend top five are “Doraemon: Nobita's Great Battle of the Mermaid King," the Japanese animated favorite of Hong Kong kids, which took HK$1.3 million.
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