'Toy Story 3' to be released in Imax

Third film in franchise will be remastered for 3D screens

"Toy Story 3," which opens June 18, will be released on Imax 3D screens as part of its wide release, Imax said Friday.

The Pixar film, directed by Lee Unkrich, will be remastered for its Imax engagements with the proprietary Imax DMR technology.

Pixar's Darla K. Anderson is producing. The film's screenplay is by "Little Miss Sunshine's" Michael Arndt.

"We have always envisioned the Toy Story franchise as an ideal fit for the Imax experience and we're very happy to finally turn that vision into a reality," IMAX CEO Richard L. Gelfond said. "This film also fits nicely into our 2010 lineup, ensuring that families will be able to start the summer holidays with a fun Disney release in Imax."