'Toy Story' Honest Trailer: A Kids' Movie About "Jealousy," "Broken Dreams"

Toy Story Still - H 2015
Courtesy of Photofest

Toy Story Still - H 2015

You never will look at Woody and Buzz Lightyear the same way again.

Toy Story looks a little different through the lens of Honest Trailers.

A short summary of the film's plot, according to the narrator: "Get ready for the classic children's film that is all about jealousy, broken dreams and the existential dread that you will one day outlive your purpose and be replaced by someone newer and better."

The trailer points out that villain Sid actually is just a lonely kid who acts out to get the attention of his drunk father. His only crime? Experimenting on toys he had no idea were alive.

As for the heroes, here's how the narrator describes them.

Woody: "Neurotic, mean, egotistical control freak."

Buzz Lightyear: "A delusional, Taiwanese [he's made in Taiwan] spaceman who shoots first and asks questions later."

Revisit the Pixar classic in a new way below.