Tracy Morgan Says "F--- Show Business" in Emotional Thank-You Message to First Responders

'The Last O.G.' star says he is looking forward to hugging people again once the coronavirus pandemic has passed.

Tracy Morgan on Monday gave an emotional thank-you to first responders and medical professionals for their tireless work amid the novel coronavirus pandemic. 

The actor and comedian was a guest on The Howard Stern Show, where he talked about heroes. 

"To the doctors, the nurses, the first responders: You're my hero," the Saturday Night Live veteran said. "I love you. Keep working hard. We need you. And really, that's coming from my heart." 

Morgan got more passionate as he spoke, saying, "Fuck show business! These people are out there on the front line dealing with this shit." 

The Last O.G. star also said he hopes a cure is discovered soon, adding "Everyone is trying to do their part. Because, like I have been saying since my father died of AIDS when I was 19 years old: What affects one of us, affects us all. This is the great equalizer. I don't give a fuck how much money you got or what color you got, you gone, too." 

Telling Stern and Robin Quivers that the rough time will pass, Morgan said he is most looking forward to hugging people once again. 

"When this shit is over, I can't wait to hug you and Robin," Morgan told Stern. "Fuck all that elbow shit." 

Watch the full segment below.