Traditionalist struts stuff

Plympton previews 2-D ani pic

Bill Plympton showed off some old-fashioned animation Tuesday at the Edit Filmmakers Festival.

Plympton previewed selections from his upcoming feature "Idiots and Angels," a film that was made with traditional 2-D animation and music and no dialogue. It features about 30,000 of his drawings.

"If David Lynch had done animation, this would be it," said Plympton, who independently finances and makes all of his films. For "Idiots and Angels," he also wrote the story.

He expects to bow "Idiots and Angels" on the festival circuit during 2008.

The film takes place in a bar and centers on a lead character who is selfish and rude. "He grows wings, and he doesn't like it because it makes him do good things," Plympton said. "So he tries to get rid of them while other people try to steal them. It's his soul that they are fighting for.

"I think we are in the second golden age of animation, which started around 1987 with the Disney resurgence, MTV, 'The Simpsons' and Roger Rabbit," Plympton said.

"There's a lot of different stuff coming out, but predominantly it's computer animation, which I frankly do not like. I do like Pixar. Pixar is great, but most computer animation is really bland. I like to see the mark of the hand. Imperfections are what makes something human, something special."

Plympton was nominated for an Academy Award in 1987 for his animated short "Your Face."